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Non-Slip Rubber Stair Treads with Nosing

Non-Slip Rubber Stair Treads with Nosing

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You can choose from multiple size options. These are the following:

  • 30" X 10" (6-Pack)
  • 35" X 10" (5-Pack
  • 42" X 10" (5-Pack)
  • 48" X 10" (4-Pack)

Material: durable natural and reclaimed rubber.
Design: textured surface design.
Installation: installation is hassle-free with heavy-duty construction glue (glue not included).

Features & Benefits

1. Both indoor & outdoor use

  • Our rubber stair treads can be used both indoors and outside. 

2. Cover larger area

  • Reduce slippery areas and increase safety by covering a larger stair surface with wider no-slip rubber stair treads for stairs; can also be cut to fit your exact dimensions.

3. Enhanced safety

  • Protect elders, children, babies, animals, pets, dogs, puppies, cats.

4. Multi surface compatibility

  • Increases traction and grip on steps and floors made of: hardwood, wood, concrete, marble, tile, vinyl, metal, laminate.

5. Withstands hot summers and cold winters

  • The rubber stair treads are durable in both harsh winter conditions and hot summer temperatures.
  • Rubber is much better at adapting to different temperatures compared to PVC plastic or anti-slip tape.
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